Pro-Motion Equine™ evolved from years of professional experience and knowledge centred on improving horse welfare and performance in all disciplines and spheres. Our aim is to improve welfare by reducing negative pressures, thus increasing mobility, and contributing to overall horse performance. 

Rachel Howe
Equine Therapist

"I regularly compete my Thoroughbred at BD Elementary Level and being a sensitive type he lets me know when his saddle is no longer fitting him perfectly. He is gradually making his way up through the levels which means his musculature frequently alters. The Pro-Motion pad is excellent for making minor adjustments to the way his saddle fits ...

Sarah Prosser

"My mother got me into Exmoor ponies before she died and we had a lot of problems fitting saddles due to their shape as a Native. Their weight fluctuates with the seasons which affects the pressure area under the saddle, especially around the withers. Having found Julie Garrett saddlery, she recommended trying a pony size Pro-Motion Equine Firefly....

Jo Heuff- Mc Timoney Animal Therapist
BSc (Hons) PgDip MMAA

" I would have no hesitation endorsing the Pro-motion Equine products. They are an excellent tool to aid saddle fit and comfort for the horse during pre-training and competition, and are particularly useful for horses with muscle asymmetry or those with less perfect confirmation. I use them on my own horses and recommend them to many if my clients with brilliant results"